Blessings for Empowerment includes a deck of 44 affirmation cards and a guidebook for thriving. This set empowers you to affirm your life, daily.

Blessings for Empowerment is a tool for transformation. When you have moments of feeling stuck, doubtful, fearful or isolated ~ reach for these affirmation cards. You can  shift your mind set. Affirmations are a powerful way to invite yourself to loosen your grip in areas you are resisting and invite yourself into a place of allowing. As you allow more thoughts and feelings of inner joy, peace, love and abundance, you will organically expand into your true essence and thrive.

For the times you are feeling amazing, the power of affirmations confirms your expansiveness and invites you to keep saying yes to life! It is vital to nurture life when things are going great. Blessings for Empowerment is your source for affirming life.

  • "The thing that I love about your cards is that it makes people connect and interact … your cards do this. The sweet connection and uplift is really unique and precious."

    Jennifer, Ranch Palos Verdes, CA

Inside the Box Set



44 Affirmation Cards


Guidebook for Thriving

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Meet Kimya
the author

“My wish is for you to gain an inner knowingness of how to thrive and create one amazing experience after another.”


For over 15 years in her work, Kimya has shared her inner knowledge and insights to empower people to come into alignment with their true essence.

Kimya’s passion for travel has gifted her with many amazing adventures. The Hawaiian island of Kauai introduced her to the aloha spirit which still lives in her heart today. Visiting Thailand was an extraordinary experience of culture, art, and nature…

What a Medical Doctor Says
Says about Affirmations

| Speaking Engagements

Kimya’s natural talent to empower people comes alive in group settings. Inviting participants to explore their thoughts and feelings as living vibrations, she is able to catalyze interactions between participants that transcend limitations in their belief systems, synergize their unique potential, and inspire life changes.

  • "Kimya is an engaging and heart-centered workshop leader. Her energy, kind manner, and interesting topics make her a desired presenter at our retreats."

    Heather S. Friedman Rivera R.N., J.D., Ph.D, PLR Institute.

| Affirmation Reading

A private session with Kimya is a transformative experience. She intuits your thought patterns, identifies those that are affecting your well-being, and empowers you to come into alignment with your true essence.

  • "Kimya has a wonderfully warm, open and also grounded presence that imbues the space that is shared during the readings with a feeling of safety as well as ease. Her affirmation readings felt like a collaborative experience—one shared and created among the Divine, Kimya, and I. Kimya is a superb and empathic listener and during each reading, passed on to me mind and heart opening perspectives that helped propel me positively on my soul desired path."

    Tumi Johnson, M.D., Integrative Holistic Physician, Certified Yoga Instructor
  • "Kimya is one of the most powerful mentors and healers I know. Her words are those of a deeply enlightened person, but I find her presence the real source of her healing power. She uses affirmations and wisdom cards in her practice to show you where you are most in need of growth, as well as to help you see what's holding you back. When she finishes, you have been led into a place of peace, joy, security, and awareness...

    I highly recommend that you spend time with her and allow yourself to experience her unique way of taking you to greater clarity and peace."

    Greg Sinicrope, Nutritional Specialist

| Explore Together

Our exquisite world has many sacred places. Your group adventure of breathtaking nature excursions and diverse cultural experiences awaits you. Kimya leads with reverence and a passion for travel that inspires you to see life anew. You are invited on a majestic journey of discovery. Join an upcoming Extraordinary Expedition and go beyond the world you know….

  • "Traveling with Kimya is a rare opportunity to see beyond the usual, and find a deeper meaning to the places you visit. Our trip to Jamaica, was restful, and yet exciting, introspective and yet mind expanding. Kimya is a master at creating memorable adventures and experiences in life."

    David and Judith Hamilton, Sunnyvale, CA

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